October 30, 2005

ten years in the web

Posted in ten years old at 12:09 am by mfnca

This coming year Medicinal Food News will be 10 years old. The design has really not changed much in those years and I suppose the site needs a bit of a make over. I am presently leaning to a fluid design and have looked at a fair number of sites for inspiration. I am hoping to keep line length reasonable for large screens and at the same time have the the site look good on the small screen too. I also want the site to have accessibilty as well with screen readers. Ok, enough of my wish list. Here’s what the site looks like todayAs it is today


October 22, 2005

‘Burger bill’ passed by US House

Posted in obesity at 4:42 pm by mfnca

The US House of Representatives has passed a bill aimed at making it harder for people to sue the food industry for causing obesity.
BBC News